Malaysia Report, June 2009

Spiritual direction is not just a North American phenomenon for it is as much a global experience as it is a cross-denominational one.  In June 2009, David Sherbino taught at Calvary Church (Assemblies of God) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  For five nights, laity spiritual directors deepened their understanding of this ministry with the intent of becoming more intentional with other believers in an Islamic country with multi-ethnic and multi-religious backgrounds.  Complimenting David’s teachings, Maria Kon ran a five day Retreat in Daily Life (RDL) for four of the training spiritual directors.  There was noticeable hunger for God and desire to develop a prayer life that listens as God speaks.  Feedback for the combined teaching sessions and RDL led to unexpected breakthroughs that took even the church leadership by surprise.  Although spiritual direction is not currently a major focus of the church, tentative plans are now underway to establish a retreat house where future related events may be held.

Dr. David Sherbino speaking with a woman

Dr Sherbino and Maria fine tuning the spiritual formation program for Malaysian directors.


Those interested in directing in a Retreat in Daily Life in India (Bangalore South Asian Institute for Advanced Christian Studies) and/or Singapore (Mt Carmel Bible Presbyterian), please contact David Sherbino at DSherb [at] tyndale [dot] ca for further information.