Philip Cole

Bachelor of Religious Education;
Bachelor of Theology (Emmanuel Bible College);
Bachelor of Arts – Sociology (Waterloo University);
Master of Arts – Counselling (Providence Seminary);

Certified Spiritual Director;
Pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church.

Philip ColePhil’s journey into Spiritual Formation began in the 2013, when the librarian of his church introduced him to a book that both challenged his relationship with Christ and provided answers that he and his congregation were seeking.  As a pastor, with the spiritual gift of teaching, Phil had a strong foundational knowledge of Scripture, but when he discovered the practices of spiritual formation, it opened a new gateway to his heart that allowed his knowledge of Scripture to harmonize more fully with a new spiritual awareness of God’s presence.  As a result the Spirit of God has been allowed new freedoms to transform him into a man who is daily discovering a richer joy and purpose in the Christian journey.

Many of the people who have met with Phil, as a spiritual director, will testify to the life changing experience they have discovered.  Their testimonies will often describe a spiritual life that was at one time plateaued, to a daily journey that is now able to climb to a greater closeness with God.  Many have also discovered that the power of Christ is truly capable of healing the deep wounds that had so often prevented them from experiencing God’s gift of pure joy. 

Phil has developed a nine month Spiritual Formation Academy, which leads participants through 5 Saturday morning teaching modules, as a group, and through 9 one on one spiritual direction sessions.

Phil is also the author of two marriage enrichment books – Discovering A More Intimate Response, and Love Redeemed (a study of Song of Songs as both marriage enrichment and spiritual formation).

You can contact Phil by email:  phil2vs13 [at] gmail [dot] com

Sessions can be done through Skype or Facetime, but more effectively face to face.

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