Tyndale Seminary Internship Program (TSIP)

The Internship experience is a central component in the theological curriculum at Tyndale Seminary. The program’s objective is to provide students with a vibrant and transformative context for integrating the theological, spiritual, relational, and vocational dimensions of Christian ministry and leadership.
The Internship Program at Tyndale Seminary (TSIP), therefore, has a formative aim of developing theologically reflective Christian leaders for service in the church and the world. Through engagement in real-world ministry in supervised placement settings, Interns are provided with opportunities to work alongside of experienced ministry mentors, to develop ministry competencies, to set and meet individualized learning goals, and to clarify and confirm their ministry gifts and calling. The TSIP provides the catalyst and the context for this to happen and is guided by the pursuit of the different areas of competencies.
Here you will find a detailed description of the exciting experiential learning opportunities that are part of TSIP, and an explanation of the procedures and protocols that structure the program for Interns and Internship Supervisors. A list of potential placement sites can be found at Tyndale's Centre for Service Learning site.
PLEASE NOTE: The Tyndale Seminary Internship Program does not apply to: MDiv Counselling Students or MDiv Church in the City students.