International Students


Here you will find information you need for life around campus at Tyndale. We want to make sure you feel welcome here and if at any point you need to contact someone please feel free. Below you will find the International Student Handbook with some basic information about life in Canada and here in Toronto. As well there is some basic contact information for the people at Tyndale who are here to serve you! 

International Student Handbook:

Download the handbook: International Student Handbook 2014-15

International Student Coordinator: Meaghan Wicks

At Tyndale, we want to make the transition to Canada, as well as to university, as comfortable as possible for International Students and Third Culture Kids. We recognize how difficult it is to leave your cultures, homes, and loved ones far away. We want to stand beside you as you make this change in life with our close-knit Tyndale community. One of the ways we try to do this is by having a student leader on staff as the International Student Coordinator. Her goal is to build community within International Students and Third Culture Kids as well as with the rest of the student body. Meaghan has personal experiences that will help her to accomplish this, makes sure to ask about it!

International Student Events: 

Meaghan will be planning several events throughout the school year, please check back regularly to find updates! 

Staff Contact Information:

For Academic and Documentation Inquiries
Yan Chan - Registration Associate
extension: 2195

For Student Account and fees
Steve Morris - Senior Student Accounts Administrator
extension: 2755

For Insurance and all other Inquiries 
James Brooks - Coordinator of Global and Community Engagement
extension: 2160

International Student App:

Now Avilable in the App Store and Google Play - get the Tyndale Arrival app made just for international students! 

Admissions Requirements: 

Three Things every International Student is required to have:
1. Valid Passport
2. Student Visa​
3. Insurance

You can access more information at the webpage

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