Tyndale Residence showing a group of students in the background and a Tyndale waterbottle in the foreground

Wondering what Residence life is like?

Students playing guitar in dorm room

Tyndale recognizes the vital role residence plays for students ages 17-23.  Residence offers a first step in independent living for students who have just moved out of their parents' home.  The intentional community, the Residence Team structure, and the location provide a space for students to explore their own living styles and taking on the responsibilities of living on their own.

The environment of group living is structured for young adults.  The residence handbook, programming, and structures are set in place to help build on the student's ability to live successfully on their own.  The safe environment of residence is a space that is optimum for students and keeps parents apprehensions at bay because they know there is a certain level of structure set in place.  We recognize that residence is an integral part of campus life and contributes in part, to the education our students receive.

Life in Residence

Living in residence provides you with a unique community experience in Toronto.  You will meet great people with diverse life stories.  Residence also offers you the convenience of prepared meals, easy access to classes and other resources.  You will find opportunities to develop great friendships, while building a community you can call home.

You Build Friendships

The ebb and flow of residence life encourages an environment where everyone can get involved and make new friends.  There are structured events, like Tuesday night hall events and All-Rez events that provide opportunities to have fun and build relationships.  There are also organic moments, like student led bible studies, late night conversations in the hall, or a great game of pool in the games room.  Along the way, you will discover wonderful people who will make your residence experience a life-long memory.  Be a part of it by filling out an application.

Make Your University Life Easier

Living in residence relieves the stress of getting to early morning classes on time, or long commutes home after evening classes.  For your study breaks you can enjoy access to all the additional amenities; the fitness room, residence lounges, a coffee shop, 24-hour study space and the Student Commons. 

We work hard to insure that living in residence is convenient and easy to navigate by providing you with a simple payment system for all your costs and a meal plan.  You will feel safe with security presence on campus all night and on weekends, along with the Resident Advisors a few doors down.  Take a look at the Resident Advisor team on the RA Team page.  Beyond the campus you will find everything you need within walking distance; banks, food & coffee, pharmacies, and the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) that can take you on all your adventures in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

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