Our History - TIM Centre

Our History - TIM Centre

For over 25 years, the TIM Centre has served leaders engaged in intercultural ministry.


The late Dr. Irving Whitt launches Tyndale Intercultural Ministries (TIM) Centre for Mission Agencies, Assemblies, and Academia to come together to talk about global missions in the Canadian context.


TIM Centre comes under the umbrella of the Life Long Learning Centre (LLLC). Bob Morris, assisted by his wife Carol serves as Associate Director.


Dr. Robert Cousins is seconded to TIM Centre from MissionPrep. MissionPrep becomes the cross-cultural training arm of TIM Centre.


Robert Cousins becomes Director of TIM Centre. The non-degree program was created


Robert Cousins resigns from MissionPrep and launches the Diaspora Initiative through TIM Centre


Mark Chapman joins TIM Centre and leads research initiatives such as "Beyond the Welcome", a joint research project with World Vision

Beyond the Welcome Project


The TIM Centre contributed to Beyond the Welcome to provide research evidence of the need for more attention to immigrant needs and to provide resources for uReachtoronto.ca.



President Gary Nelson re-envisions the LLLC as the third arm of the University College and Seminary and launches with a new name - the Open Learning Centre (OLC) - and was under the leadership of Dr. Peter Dickens.

Open Learning Centre


The TIM Centre contributed to the Role of Churches in Settlement and Integration of Immigrants. This project helped share ideas between different groups working with immigrants and improve understanding in this area by developing a "Guide to Action" for churches.

Guide to Action


The TIM Centre assisted new Canadian church planters to help foster conversations between churches and to help the churches' intercultural competency.


The TIM Centre contributed to Fruitful Practices in Muslim Ministry in North America where they developed practical ministry skills in an area of growing need.


The TIM Centre assisted with the Large Churches in Canada Project. The project sought to improve the understanding of how large churches operate in Canada and how they compare to large churches in the United States.


OLC now incorporates three centers: Tyndale Leadership Centre, under Dr. Peter Dickens; Tyndale Spiritual Formation Centre, under Dr. Barb Haycraft; and TIM Centre under Dr. Robert Cousins.


The TIM Centre contributed to Faith Communities and the Settlement Sector which sought to improve faith communities' understanding of how to work with the government-funded settlement sector and provide resources to be used for this.


Rev. Dr. Timothy Li-Hui Tang becomes the Director of the TIM Centre.


The TIM Centre assisted with the Multivocational Ministry Project. It sought to create a Webinar to help theological school faculty become aware of multivocational leader's training needs and to provide access to data to help understand the multivocational ministry in Canada.

Multivocational Ministry Project


The Flourishing Congregations Project was started and the TIM Centre Researchers help with trying to improve congregational awareness of the factors that contribute to flourishing.


Dr. Robert Cousins retires from Tyndale.


Dorothy Pang joins TIM Centre as Assistant Director to lead consulting initiatives