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Online Foundations of Servant Leadership

Foundations of Servant Leadership is a Biblically-based, highly interactive course designed to help existing and emerging leaders understand the foundations, heart and principles of servant leadership so they will lead with greater effectiveness and integrity.

This course will be held on 10 consecutive Tuesday evenings beginning on September 15 and ending on November 17. Each two-hour session will begin at 6:00pm Mountain Time. Three days before each session, participants will receive a PDF of the workbook for the upcoming session and a Zoom link that will enable them to connect.

Each of the 10 sessions will focus on different leadership topics, including:

  •     Worldview, Culture and Leadership
  •     Kingdom Leadership Principles
  •     Understanding Your Leadership Style
  •     Leading From Below: Influence, Power and Servant Leadership
  •     Identifying, Selectin and Developing Leaders
  •     Implementing Change
  •     Mission, Vision and Values for Life and Ministry
  •     Resolving Conflict
  •     Integrity and Accountability

The facilitators have over 100 years of combined multi-cultural leadership experience in churches, ministries, not-for-profits and business.

While this course develops your skills as a leader, the core of the course focuses on your values and assumptions - on your heart - and how you can serve those you lead. I highly recommend it.

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Online Conflict Management and Transformation

Conflict is a normal part of our lives. It happens in families, churches, ministries, organizations and communities. In our increasingly multi-cultural context, and our natural tendency to "do it my way" conflict is inevitable. This means the ability to understand and respond wisely to conflict becomes a compelling priority in our work, ministry, and communities.

As Christian leaders we are called to seek bring reconciliation wherever it is needed. This sometimes involves managing conflict we are personally involved in, as well as helping friends and colleagues who are in conflict with others.

This course is intended to clarify issues in interpersonal, church, ministry, organizational and cross-cultural conflicts. It is designed to provide insights on the different ways people and cultures handle conflict, to evaluate these insights with the Scriptures, and to provide practical guidelines for conflict transformation.

This course will be held on 10 consecutive Thursday evenings beginning on September 17 and ending on November 19. Each two-your session will begin at 5:45 PM Mountain Time. Three days before each session, participants will receive a PDF of the workbook for the upcoming session and a Zoom link that will enable them to connect.

The 10 sessions will address the following topics:

  •     God's design for relationships.
  •     Why dealing with conflict is an important skill for leaders.
  •     The causes of conflict from a Biblical perspective.
  •     Understanding your natural style of addressing conflict.
  •     The relationship between eadership style and the way you deal with conflict.
  •     The impact of culture on conflict.
  •     Understanding how to not only resolve and manage conflict, but how conflict transformation is the best approach for dealing with conflict in the long-term.
  •     Understanding how conflict escalates and how we can de-escalate the conflict.
  •     Understanding the mediation process.
  •     Forgiveness and reconciliation.

The facilitators of this course have years of experience in leadership and conflict resolution in churches, ministries, not-for-profits and business.

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These courses are one of four required for a Certificate in Ministry and Organizational Leadership (CMOL) offered by Tyndale University (Toronto, Canada), Ambrose University (Calgary, Canada) or Western Seminary (Portland, Oregon).

Online Biblical Interpretation Course

This is a foundational course in biblical interpretation. It is aimed at giving the student the basic exegetical tools required to interpret, own and apply the message of the Bible as the Word of God to His people. Upon taking this course, students will be able to identify the various literary genres of the Bible. They will be able to understand the various methods of interpreting the Bible (hermeneutics). They will be introduced to relevant research methods, resources, and practical skills for interpreting the Bible with the goal of communicating and applying its message to their contemporary context (homiletics).
This course is for anyone who is serious about interacting with the Bible especially those who have the responsibility of leading others in the study of God’s Word. Our goal is to give you the practical help you need to understand, interpret and apply the biblical text. We believe that this will enrich your personal walk with the Lord Jesus Christ and make your more effective in your particular ministry whatever that may be.

In addition to the Bible text itself, How to Read the Bible for All Its Worthy by Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart, will inform the basic structure and content of this course. This is an online course. Upon registration, you will receive additional information to help you prepare for a wonderful experience in the study of God’s Word throughout this course.

Courses will be held every Wednesday starting September 30th

Registration fee: $200 with scholarships available

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