Core Values

The four key deliverables of ethos are:

  • Character Formation: facilitated by mentoring, peer learning, as well as an emphasis on spiritual formation
  • Community Life: facilitated by a ‘community of leaders’ dynamic within the cohort
  • Competency Development: through assessing, coaching, and consulting leaders as they form missional communities
  • Course Instruction: facilitate courses for a missional way of thinking about life in general and the community life of disciples in particular

A Community of Leaders

As leaders follow God into His mission, they can often feel disconnected and even lonely. Developing missional communities that are focused on neighbourhood transformation and designed for multiplication can be especially isolating, as many existing churches and church plants are following other ministry models. At its core, an ethos cohort is an answer to this challenge. We are convinced that leaders in missional communities need each other. We need to encourage, comfort, pray for, and challenge one another. There are lessons that God has to teach us in the company of other leaders.

Life in Ethos - A Rule of Life

Over the winter months in 2011, the cohort will develop a Rule of Life that will guide them both individually and as a community. While the specifics of this Rule are best determined by the cohort with some facilitation, its content should spur the cohort on towards leadership that is focused on starting missional communities that will transform communities and multiply.

Further Training towards Ordination

We believe that over the two-year training process, some participants, through prayer and consultation with the local church and denomination, may sense and discover a call into full-time ministry. Such leaders would be recommended to complete studies through theological and biblical institutions, like Tyndale Seminary.