Program Registration

Selection of Leaders

Those seeking to participate in the Diploma program, with the goal of being recognized as credentialed leaders, will go through a selection process by their local church and affiliate denomination. The training program, together with the local church, will create a mentoring process that will provide accountability for personal and ministry development. Successful completion of the program will be granted, when the participant has completed all requirements set by the local church, the academic institution, and the affiliated denomination.

Participants must be recommended by their local church, comprehend English and have a minimum of high school education.

To apply for this program:

2. Receive approval from your home church to enter this training
Once we have received your registration and have connected with your home church, you can register for upcoming courses.

Training Costs

For the Diaspora Leaders Training, we are offering a subsidized tuition rate:
Diaspora Leaders Costs: $300 per course (Limited scholarships available)
*We encourage students who need financial help to discuss this directly with their local church and denomination.

For more information contact:

Robert Cousins
Email: tim [at] tyndale [dot] ca
Phone: 416-226-6380 Ext 2708