DAI Conflict Management and Transformation

Event Date(s): Thu, 2020/09/17 - 7:45pm to 9:45pm
Event Location: Zoom
Event Type: TIM Centre

This is an interactive course that provides leaders with the tools to transform conflict into a positive experience of learning and growth.

Conflict is a normal part of our lives. It happens in families, churches, ministries, organizations and communities. In our increasingly multi-cultural context, and our natural tendency to "do it my way" conflict is inevitable. This means the ability to understand and respond wisely to conflict becomes a compelling priority in our work, ministry, and communities.

As Christian leaders we are called to seek bring reconciliation wherever it is needed. This sometimes involves managing conflict we are personally involved in, as well as helping friends and colleagues who are in conflict with others.

This course is intended to clarify issues in interpersonal, church, ministry, organizational and cross-cultural conflicts. It is designed to provide insights on the different ways people and cultures handle conflict, to evaluate these insights with the Scriptures, and to provide practical guidelines for conflict transformation.

This course will be held on 10 consecutive Thursday evenings beginning on September 17 and ending on November 19. Each two-your session will begin at 5:45 PM Mountain Time. Three days before each session, participants will receive a PDF of the workbook for the upcoming session and a Zoom link that will enable them to connect.

Registration cost (normally $400) is now reduced!

  • $75 for course audit
  • $150 as part of the TIM Centre's CMOL Certificate. Includes additional assignments.

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