Foundations of Servant Leadership

Event Date(s): Tue, 2022/09/06 - 12:30pm
Event Location: Online
Event Type: TIM Centre

Foundations of Servant Leadership is a Biblically-based highly interactive course designed to help leaders understand the foundations, heart and principles of servant leadership so they will lead with greater effectiveness and integrity. This class is offered in partnership with Development Associates International (DAI).

The course will be held on Tuesdays starting on September 6, 2022, at 10:30 AM Mountain Time for two hours over 10 weeks. This will be an online class and the cost is $150 and to audit is $75.

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To register send an email to daicoursesonline [at] gmail [dot] com. In your email please include:

  • The name of the course you are registering for (Foundations of Servant Leadership)
  • Your full name
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WhatsApp is the primary method of communication used once you have registered for the course, so this is a vital part of the registration process.

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