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Who We Serve

The Tyndale Community

TIM Centre is intentional in its commitment to the Tyndale campus to inform, guide, train and equip students through:

On-Campus emphasis on missions and mentoring of students for local and global missions;

Opportunities for Mission Majors to connect with leaders in local and global missions and gain awareness of current needs and entry points for ministry around the world;

Networking opportunities and resources for emergent ethnic leaders among Tyndale's ethnically diverse student body, making them aware of what is currently available in GTA as well as global trends, needs and opportunities.

The Broader Community of Greater Toronto Area

Local Churches benefit from cooperative ministry structures which serve to amplify the voice of intercultural churches in the global mission context;

Mission Agencies enjoy the advantage of a network and forum, sharing ideas and expertise that will generate forward movement in the task of missions;

Urban Ministry Workers discover relevant resources and training opportunities for effective urban ministry in both domestic and international contexts;

Emerging Ethnic Leaders engaged in church leadership among ethnic communities in the GTA and beyond benefit from crucial networking opportunities.