Certificate in Accessible Ministry

Certificate completed March 2018. Future dates to be decided.

“Everyone welcome!” many of our church signs proclaim. As people involved in ministry, or students looking to serve in ministry, we know that all too often, this is not the reality for all. People with disabilities and their families are often marginalized and excluded due to the physical, communicative, or attitudinal barriers they face. Developed in collaboration with Christian Horizons, this certificate program will equip people to foster belonging in all aspects of ministry and outreach with people living with a disability and their families. Engaging modules address practical, theological, and relational aspects of being the Body of Christ as people of unique abilities—together.


  • Module One: Introduction to Disabilities and the Church
  • Module Two: Understanding Accessibility 
  • Module Three: Belonging and the Body 
  • Module Four: Ministering to Families with Disabilities 
  • Module Five: Disability and Theology in the Christian Tradition 
  • Module Six: Disability, Suffering, and the Pastoral Imagination