Certificate in Death, Dying, and Grief

Death, Dying and Grief Certificate alternates with Spiritual Formation Certificate. The Spiritual Formation Certificate will start up again in Fall 2019.
It is not uncommon to wonder how we ourselves can cope with death, but where do we even begin to help others through the process?

It is not easy to speak about death and the losses we experience, but it is a reality that happens to everyone. How does one cope? There may be a tendency to deny what has happened, stay busy with life and avoid all the feelings that might overwhelm us or perhaps we minimize the impact of the loss upon us. This program of study will enable the participants to understand the process of grief and dying and learn of resources that will enable them to positively engage in the grieving process and develop skills to assist others in their journey through loss and grief.


This certificate will facilitate your understanding of the grief process, giving you resources and developing techniques that will enable a positive approach to engaging with those in the grieving process. You will focus on developing an in depth understanding of the impact of grief on family systems, as well you will have an understanding of biblical and spiritual truths when encountering loss and death. You will develop skills that will help you to recognize and respond to the needs of others as you walk with them.

Continuing Education Credits available from the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association


Time: Each module is 10 hours over a two-day period.
Where: Tyndale Bayview Campus (3377 Bayview Avenue)
When: See Module List below for specific dates
Cost: $195 per module
Certificate: A minimum of five modules are required to graduate from the program, however all six are recommended. Upon completion you will receive a certificate of completion. 

10% OFF - Full time Tyndale Students, Alumni and Staff can receive a 10% discount for each module. Email tsfc [at] tyndale [dot] ca to receive a promo code.