Death, Dying and Grief Certificate 2020-2021

The Death, Dying and Grief Certificate 2020-2021 offers 6 modules, beginning September 25, 2020 running through April 24, 2021. Complete all 6 modules to receive a certificate of completion.

This certificate will facilitate your understanding of the grief process, giving you resources and developing techniques that will enable a positive approach to engaging with those in the grieving process. You will focus on developing an in depth understanding of the impact of grief on family systems, as well you will have an understanding of biblical and spiritual truths when encountering loss and death. You will develop skills that will help you to recognize and respond to the needs of others as you walk with them.

Continuing Education Credits available from the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.

As Tyndale Seminary’s programs have had to move online due to the pandemic, the Spiritual Formation Centre Certificate Programs are no exception. Although the in-person classroom is the preferred experience, the online curriculum for the three certificate programs promises to be truly immersive. While maintaining important elements of community through live streaming, conversations will be enhanced by independent study in preparation for each session. Online programming will also offer the opportunity for others to participate who would have otherwise not been able to do to distance and time restrictions.

  • Location: All modules will be held online. Details will be given after you register.
  • Cost: $195.00 per module. There is a 10% discount for Tyndale full-time students, alumni and staff.. You will need to email the Tyndale Spiritual Formation Centre at tsfc [at] tyndale [dot] ca to receive a discount code before registering online.

Certificate Modules

Each module is 10 hours held over a two-day period. Find out more about each module and how to register by going to each of the following module page:


Email tsfc [at] tyndale [dot] ca.