Enneagram Certificate Module 5: Enneagram and Three Centre Growth

Event Date(s): Sat, 2020/02/29 - 9:00am to 3:00pm
Event Type: Tyndale Spiritual Formation Centre

Please note that enrollment limit is 25. Participants must register ahead of time and not just show up. They must pre-register so materials are prepared for them. There will be no registration at the door.

Knowing the Enneagram, even knowing it well, doesn't necessarily mean that we can change. Changing is a process and we need  more than knowledge to engage in it. Three Centred Growth is one key. Our ego, our personality, forms most strongly around our lead centre of intelligence (heart, head, body). When our "type" is running us, our lead centre is not able to flow freely, and our other centres are suppressed by its dominance. To grow, we need to be able to access the intelligences from the other centres. This may be a pre-requisite to any gowth at all. 

Learning Objectives:

  • To become aware of how our lead intelligence gets locked in when we are stressed, and our other two intelligences are suppressed 
  • To grow in this awareness of opening to other non-dominant intelligences
  • To experience the Narrative Enneagram "Panel" work

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