Enneagram Certificate Module 7: The Somatic Enneagram and its Importance in Our Spiritual Lives

Event Date(s): Sat, 2022/04/30 - 9:00am to 3:00pm
Event Location: Online
Event Type: Tyndale Spiritual Formation Centre

This event is part of the Enneagram Certificate 2021-2022. The Enneagram Certificate 2021-2022 offers 7 modules, beginning October 2, 2021 running through April 30, 2022.

About This Event

The Narrative Enneagram teaches that there are 3 aspects to growth through the Enneagram: The Psychological, the Spiritual and the Somatic. Working to loosen the grip of our type structure is work at the psychological level. Opening to a deep inner stillness, within which we can hear the voice and guidance of God, are both part of a profound Spiritual process. These are familiar. Less familiar is the way in which our body spontaneously brings information that is unconscious to the surface of our awareness - information not readily available to our minds. This is the somatic process. By learning to be with body sensations that are happening in the moment, i. e., being present in our bodies, and then listening to the intelligence held in the sensations, gives us a unique opportunity both to release trauma and to help us clear obstacles to our spiritual growth. This day will focus on these experiences, paying attention to variations by type.

Learning Objectives

  • To develop an appreciation for the place of this somatic work in our spiritual growth
  • To experience how our contracted type structure lives in our bodies
  • To learn how being present with sensations can release


Cynthia Stevens M.Div., B.Ed., CSDS

Certified Enneagram Professional and Teacher

Cynthia is a graduate of Tyndale Seminary and is certified as a spiritual director and supervisor at Tyndale University College and Seminary. She is a trained professional and teacher in the Narrative Enneagram and has taught spiritual formation in various settings in Canada and overseas. She has been involved in various leadership levels in her congregation at Meadowvale Community Christian Reformed Church.

Sue Guttenstein PhD

Certified Enneagram Teacher

Sue, a student of the Narrative Enneagram, has co-taught the Enneagram with Cynthia for the past several years and has used the Enneagram professionally for the past ten years, practising as a psychotherapist. Her focus for the past twenty years has been helping survivors of severe childhood trauma heal and regain their lives. She is also a part of the Meadowvale Community Christian Re-formed Church.

Cynthia Stevens and Sue Guttenstein


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