Spiritual Formation Certificate Module 1 - Spiritual Disciplines: A Formational Roadmap

Event Date(s): Sat, 2020/09/19 - 9:00am to 3:00pm
Event Location: Online - Zoom
Event Type: Tyndale Spiritual Formation Centre

This event is Module 1 of the Spiritual Formation Certificate 2020-2021. The Spiritual Formation Certificate 2020-2021 offers 7 modules, beginning September 19, 2020 running through April 17, 2021. A minimum of 6 modules are required to receive a certificate of completion. However, all 7 are recommended.

About This Module

This module will explore the marks and means of spiritual formation, with particular emphasis on how to build and regimen of spiritual disciplines appropriate to one's personality, stage of faith and season of life.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a clear and concise vision of the marks and means of spiritual formation, based on Scripture and drawing upon the riches of our shared Christian Heritage.
  • Gain practical proficiency with the classic spiritual disciplines.
  • Identify a customized combination of spiritual disciplines suitable for the next stage in one's spiritual journey.


Tom SweeneyTom Sweeney, DMin.

Tom has taught on spiritual formation for 20 years, both in Canada and as a missionary in Brazil. He teaches on spiritual formation in several seminaries across North America, with particular emphasis on practical holiness, developmental spirituality and spiritual warfare.


$125.00. There is a 10% discount for Tyndale full-time students, alumni and staff. You will need to contact the Tyndale Spiritual Formation Centre to receive a discount code before registering online. Email tsfc [at] tyndale [dot] ca to receive a promo code.


As Tyndale Seminary’s programs have had to move online due to the pandemic, the Spiritual Formation Centre Certificate Programs are no exception. Although the in-person classroom is the preferred experience, the online curriculum for the three certificate programs promises to be truly immersive. While maintaining important elements of community through live streaming, conversations will be enhanced by independent study in preparation for each session. Online programming will also offer the opportunity for others to participate who would have otherwise not been able to do to distance and time restrictions.

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