Module 8: Enneagram and Vulnerability

Event Date(s): Sat, 2023/04/29 - 9:00am
Event Location: Online – Zoom
Event Type: Tyndale Spiritual Formation Centre

One of the gifts of the Enneagram is that it invites us to be vulnerable. It does this by asking us to see the ways we are on automatic, the ways we defend ourselves from the things we fear and how as a consequence we are not our best selves. And, it offers us ways to work with the aspects that we would like to change, compassionately. This makes us hopeful about what is possible.

In this way, we become more honest with ourselves and we slowly develop our capacity to see and accept things that are true about us, which we wish weren’t. And it helps us do this with acceptance. One of the beautiful consequences of this, over time, is that we have more capacity to be vulnerable with others, more compassionate, more honest in the moment when that is what’s needed. And this vulnerability nurtures our relationships in profound ways.

Learning Objectives

  • To grow in our capacity to see ourselves honestly and with compassion through a continuing exploration of our type
  • To have a better understanding of how this internal vulnerability deepens our compassion for others and helps us be more present and vulnerable in relationship
  • To learn more about our reactions to being vulnerable with others



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