Connor MacDonald

Connor MacDonald

Program: BA History [2015]

A history degree can take you just about anywhere – you can find stories of successful business leaders, politicians, authors and even actors who studied history at university and are using it in all sorts of ways in their careers. “History is all around you,” says Connor MacDonald [BA History 2015]. “It shapes all that you see today, whether you acknowledge it or not. There are so many great reasons to study history.”

Connor saw the potential of a history degree when he chose to study at Tyndale. Connor plans to pursue post-graduate education in public policy when he completes his undergraduate degree. He has a passion for Canadian foreign affairs and knows he can make a real difference for people in the developing world, especially through foreign aid distribution in Africa, Asia and Latin America. “History is a great discipline that will teach you to think critically, write proficiently and give you a great career,” he says.

Connor appreciates his history professors’ expertise, their passion for this field of study and how they and his fellow students make an effort to help him achieve his goals. He is also grateful for the opportunity to see God at work throughout ancient and recent history and be challenged in his faith at Tyndale: “To have professors who have studied a period of history for the better part of their life and show you how God was and still is at work is an incredible experience.”

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