Janney Lock

Peace and Provision

Janney Lock

Prior to Tyndale, I was enrolled in an undergraduate program in Miami, Florida. International tuition rates in the United States are substantially higher, so when I was reapplying for another undergraduate program in Canada I was highly conscious that it was important to have a financial plan. Nonetheless, God spurred in me a calling to come to Tyndale. At first, I was deeply anxious about financing my education. However, I came to the realization that if Tyndale was where God wanted me to be then He would unlimitedly provide. I found peace that surpassed all understanding and in spite of the financial concern, I enrolled into my classes as a full-time student.

graph showing 36% funding from part-time work, 10% from scholarships, 36% from government loans, 1% from educational savings plan

Finding part-time employment while studying at Tyndale was a smooth experience for me. I also received generous scholarships from Tyndale and marvelled at how the Department of Student Financial Services always found opportunities that would help me pay for my education. This is an example of the glory and faithfulness of God revealed in my life! I consider Tyndale to be an investment and valuable aid for the direction of my life. The exceptional quality of teaching, learning and community formation at Tyndale has made my experience a priceless reality!

Janney's Data Numbers

- Tyndale awards and scholarships $1,000
- Tyndale bursaries $200
- Tyndale sponsorship $0
- Work (during school and the summer) $4,000
- Personal savings $0
- Registered Education Savings Plan $2,000
- Parents and family $0
- Government loans or grants: $4,000

Total: $11,200

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