Keith Brink

Keith Brink

Program: BA Business Administration [2013]
Job: CEO and Entrepreneur

Keith Brink [BA Business Administration 2013] is the Co-CEO of Twassistant, a company that connects talented people from developing economies with North American clients for employment in a variety of sectors. The jobs available include programming, administrative assistance and online marketing. Keith is passionate about business and is grateful for his university education at Tyndale. It equipped him with the skills and knowledge he needed to hit the ground running with his career after graduation.

The company’s approach is to pay outsourced employees a fair middle class wage, while at the same time giving North American small businesses the opportunity to tap into global workforce resources. “What we’re trying to do is look at economics through God’s eyes,” says Keith.

Tyndale prepared Keith for his career by providing him with the solid theoretical foundation he uses to run his business. Together with his experiences in classes and the relationships he developed with professors, who continue to coach and advise him in his business, Keith believes Tyndale’s university education experience has been key to bringing him to where he is today: “Tyndale made me see the world in a different way.”

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