Liam Gainey and Ksenia Choly

Liam Ksenia

Program: BA Philosophy [2015]

Liam Gainey [BA Philosophy 2015] and Ksenia Choly [BA Philosophy 2015] both transferred to Tyndale to complete their final year of their undergraduate studies. In addition to the ease of their transfer process and the university’s urban location in Toronto, they decided to choose Tyndale after speaking to a number of students who spoke very highly of the Philosophy program and the excellent reputation of the department’s faculty. “It has been interesting to learn from professors who approach philosophy in the analytic tradition,” says Ksenia. “Being exposed to this different perspective has allowed me to widen my horizons of understanding in philosophy.”

After graduation, Liam plans to work in the sales field and Ksenia is looking to pursue a career where she can work with homeless people. Both can see how the Philosophy program and the Tyndale experience as a whole will benefit them after they graduate. “Tyndale has given me a firm grounding in how humanity’s intellectual heritage forms the whole person,” says Liam.

For Ksenia, the integration of faith into philosophy and life at Tyndale and the personalized nature of the program has inspired her to do the same by giving back to the community. “Studying philosophy has helped me to think in a way that has made me realize what’s important. For me, giving of myself and using my skills to make an impact even in one person’s life is what’s important.”

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