Dr. Nathanael Ojong

Title & Contact Info

Assistant Professor, International Development

 Email: nojong [at] tyndale.ca
 Phone: 416.226.6620 ext. 2211

Academic Credentials

PhD, Graduate Institute of International & Development Studies, 2013
MA, University of Westminster, 2007
BSc (Hons), University of Buea, 2005

Areas of Specialization

Microfinance and microenterprise, informal finance, indigenous land rights, natural resource extraction, green grabbing, green economy


Dr. Ojong has been investigating how social and cultural factors influence formal and informal financial practices in the Global South. He has examined issues related to microfinance and informal finance.

Dr. Ojong's current research examines the political economy of green grabbing (in sub-Saharan Africa) in the context of neoliberal capitalism. Specifically, Dr. Ojong is investigating the local livelihood outcomes that arise on the basis of green grabbing, including how this appropriation of land and resources for environmental ends (re)produces inequality.

Dr. Ojong's work has appeared in journals such as Third World Quarterly, Journal of Economic Issues and Review of Social Economy.

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