Announcing the New Bachelor of Arts Degree Program in Music

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

a worship concert in black and white with two men on stage playing guitar and singing to an audienceTyndale University College is pleased to announce the new Bachelor of Arts degree in Music. Headed by Dr. Melissa Davis, Assistant Professor of Music & Worship Arts, this program offers two streams focusing on Worship Arts or Performance.

Dr. Davis brings to the program more than twenty-five years of combined music ministry, performance and instructional leadership experience that spans across Canada as well as the globe. “This program is a unique addition to the Toronto music landscape and something for Christian musicians where they could grow and refine their craft and take that out into the world in different settings, either in ministry or performance,” notes Dr. Davis.

Exciting features of this program are the various performance and leadership opportunities at Tyndale, including campus events, chapel program and off-campus community events where students can refine their craft and their leadership skills as music leaders and musicians. The upcoming Spring in the Chapel is one such opportunity. The Tyndale Community Choir, mainly comprised of our music students, will be featured alongside musical guests. Tickets are available for purchase at Be sure to join us in experiencing what Tyndale’s new music program offers.

“We look forward to the vast possibilities this program provides from mastery of one’s craft, to the student who wants to take lessons in an instrument. Many of our students come with a desire to serve, express and honour God through music. To have the practical application, the proper classical training, excellent role models and performance experiences are all important. Music makes the individual, the community and the constituencies that we serve richer,” shares Dr. Barry Smith, Senior Vice President and Dean of the University College.

Note that auditions for acceptance into the program are scheduled for March 21.