Introducing the Philosophy, Politics and Economics Minor

Friday, June 8, 2018

Students sitting on steps in city areaTyndale is pleased to offer a new Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) minor degree, beginning this Fall 2018. This program enriches the integrated study of each discipline by providing a solid foundation in Christian evangelical theology and practice that will also be woven together through the study of history. Studies within the PPE minor will result in a deeper understanding of how important each topic is in understanding today’s society. By gaining advanced analytical skills, students will be able to examine the history and current practice of how wealth is created and distributed. The PPE minor will also foster an awareness of both the possibilities and the limits of politics.

“Our new PPE graduates will be well equipped to use their deep understanding (that is also spiritually enriched) of the political and economic foundations of societal life to wisely guide God’s people on basic political and economic issues, as well as on applied issues such as international economic development,” shares Dr. Derek Chisholm, an economist in the teaching faculty for this new minor.

Students will develop the foundations necessary for understanding the political and economic basis of modern life through the lens of Christian theology, doctrine and practice. In this way, they will be able to successfully contribute to political and economic decision making with a mature and informed perspective and be prepared to make a contribution to civil society in the future.