New English BA Concentration in Writing and Communication

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Kristen Wood sitting by a tree and writingTyndale is pleased to announce the new Concentration in Writing and Communication within the Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in English. This new concentration will incorporate a wide range of creative outlets, which include written, verbal and visual modes of communication. Students will be able to explore different styles of writing – such as journalistic, creative and technical writing – as well as narrative cinematography and photography.

Kristen Wood [BA English, 2021], who will be enrolling in this new concentration, shares, “The writing and communication aspect really allows English majors to step it up and focus not just on analyzing text but taking that analysis and working it into their own writing. It gives a platform for more practical application in the world for having an English major.”

Natasha Duquette, Professor of English, Chair of the English Department, noted how she wanted to offer a creative path within the English program to allow for forms of expression beyond the strictly academic. She plans to bring in experts from this field working in the film and photography industry, as well as those publishing their original creative writing.

Students will gain foundational skills in writing, persuasion, and critical thinking, and will be able to hone their skills through internship opportunities. This new program concentration will equip students to not only critically analyze but also to generate various forms of media (such as print, speeches, and films) that will impact and shape the future of our society.