Pentecostal Studies at Tyndale

PAONL Program at Tyndale

The Pentecostal Program at Tyndale includes courses within the BA Biblical Studies and Theology degree specifically designed to meet the needs and credentialing requirements of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland and Labrador (PAONL). An internship and mentoring program will be provided for students in the Pentecostal Studies Stream and will include two semesters in Newfoundland and Labrador. Each full-time Pentecostal Program student will receive an award of $1,175 per course. Students will also be eligible for all Tyndale scholarships.

A Deepening Faith

a male Tyndale student playing guitarTyndale University is a multi-denominational school, compromising of more than 50 different denominations from all Christian traditions. This helps you understand the distinctiveness of your Pentecostal heritage and gives you a passion to learn about and defend your own theology more vigorously.

To help with this, the PAONL, in partnership with Tyndale, maintains a Director of Pentecostal Studies, who, while a full faculty member of Tyndale Undergraduate Studies, acts as a chaplain for PAONL students like you. PAONL students are the only ones who have such a faculty member on campus. The Director plans and attends many worship times, outings, meals, and retreats with the students to help mentor and guide you as you learn more about your Pentecostal faith.

A Degree

a male student studyingAs our society becomes increasingly educated and secular, you need to be trained with the highest theological standards possible. It will become increasingly important in the years ahead to be able to teach and defend your faith theologically, and to do so in an educated society.

At Tyndale, you receive a solid biblical and theological education in preparation for ministry, but one that is recognized in the university world. As a Christian university, Tyndale has negotiated transfer agreements with many top universities, including Memorial University, providing more opportunities for you in the academic world, should you feel God’s call to further education or other vocations.

A Heart for Newfoundland

logo for PAONLDespite the fact that Tyndale University is situated in a safe, residential neigbourhood of Toronto, Ontario, the Pentecostal Studies Program is dedicated to keep the focus on ministry in Newfoundland and Labrador. By experiencing Toronto first-hand, you will be able to see what makes Newfoundland and Labrador distinct and special, increasing your passion for home.

In addition to that, all Pentecostal Studies students return home during the 4th year of their 4-year program to study in Newfoundland-Labrador. During the fall semester, you will take Pentecostal-distinctive courses with NL professors in St. John’s. In the winter semester, you will find yourself in one of the PAONL assemblies across the province, interning in your chosen field of ministry. If you are in the Pentecostal Intercultural (Missions) track, you will spend your internship overseas with a PAONL missionary.

You can contact us to receive more information about this program at Tyndale. To preview our one-of-a-kind university experience, please register for one of our campus visit events!