The Sensibility of Captain Benwick in Literary and Historical Context

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By Dr. Natasha Duquette
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Jane Austen and Masculinity is an eclectic collection of contemporary scholarship addressing the representation of men and masculinity in the fiction and popular adaptations of Austen. This anthology includes work by a variety of esteemed and emergent Austen scholars from around the world who engage in a dialogue on critical questions surrounding her fictional treatment of men and masculinity, such as historical (post-French Revolutionary) changes in social expectations for men and women, brothers and fathers, male lovers, soldiers and the military, queer and alternative sexualities, violence, and male devotees of Austen. The collection addresses Austen’s fiction, including her juvenilia, as well as the ongoing popular appeal of her work and the enduring Austen vogue. The work in this anthology builds on established critical discourses in Austen scholarship as well as important conversations in Masculinity Studies.

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This is a peer reviewed Chapter

Chapter in Jane Austen and Masculinity
Pages: 97-112
Publisher: Lehigh University Press
Year: 2018
ISBN/ISSN: 9781611488678

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