Tyndale Chapel Exemption form

All Tyndale undergraduate students who began their studies in 2017 (winter 2017 and fall 2017) and later (including fall 2018, winter 2019, fall 2019, and winter 2020) and enrolled in at least 9 credit hours per term, must attend 15 chapels for each semester during the academic year at Tyndale.

To ensure that your chapel attendance is recorded, the student must swipe her or his student card before the beginning of Tuesday or Thursday morning chapel, Wednesday afternoon chapel, or the Sunday evening "Sanctuary" chapel and then participate in the service.

If a student, due to travel, employment, or family considerations, does not think he or she will be able to attend the minimum 15 chapel requirement per term, please complete the following webform with required information.

For more information, please contact George Sweetman at gsweetman [at] tyndale [dot] ca