Student Organizations

Tyndale's student organizations are student-initiated. They are an opportunity for students with like-minded passions and concerns for the world we live in to gather together. Students can find organizations and clubs with academic focuses such as philosophy, psychology, or history; as well as social and arts focus clubs like poetry, hip hop, and social justice. You never know what activities you might stumble upon. Connect with people who share your passion, or explore a brand-new hobby in one of Tyndale’s student organizations. If you don’t find a student organization that interests you, initiate your own by emailing sloewen [at] tyndale [dot] ca.

The types of organizations you could find at Tyndale vary and provide a variety of social avenues for you to express yourself.

Student Organizations that wish to have funding from the Tyndale University Undergrad Student Association (TUUSA) Council are required to register with the TUUSA Council.  Returning Student Organizations are required to renew their registration at the beginning of the academic year in order to continue to receive funding from the TUUSA Council.  

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Renewal Student Organization Application 

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