Tyndale Student Organization Application & Funding Request

Student Organization Policy

All student organizations must agree to abide by the standards and expectations and Statement of Faith as stated in the Tyndale Student Handbook.  All designated contacts must have a minimum GPA of 2.0.  Tyndale DOES NOT SPONSOR the organization per se.  They are fully student initiated and led.

Student Organization Process of Acceptance

For an application to be considered by the TUCSA Council, all items must be in place by September 30 for the fall semester, and January 30 for the winter semester.

  • Application & Funding request form filled out and submitted
  • Staff/Faculty liaison form filled out by the requested staff/faculty.  

Once the TUCSA Council executives have received the application and the confirmation form from the faculty/staff liaison they will present the application to the TUCSA Council for approval.  The Director of Admin. & Student Organizations will then confirm with the leader of the organization that they are approved and what amount of funding they have received, if any.

TUCSA Council Funding Process

The TUCSA Council offers funding to student organizations once they have been approved.  The student organization can request up to $200/semester of funding from the TUCSA Council.  It is not a guarantee that the requested amount will be given.  The Director of Admin. & Student Organizations will contact the leader of the student organization once they are approved as an organization and confirm the funding amount.

The funding request form is part of the application & renewal process.

Please note: that applications are not complete without the confirmation form from the requested staff/faculty liaison.

You can contact the TUCSA Council by emailing councilu [at] tyndale [dot] ca with any questions about the process.
General Information:
Minimum of 5, including the organization leader, and secondary contact)
Faculty/Staff Liaison Information
Please provide the name of the faculty/staff that you have asked to be the advisor for this student organization. The requested faculty/staff person must fill out a form confirming their acceptance of this position. A link to this form will be provided once this form is submitted.
Student Organization Leadership Information:

Student organization leaders must be approved by staff in Student Development and are responsible to TUCSA Council.  

  • The responsibilities of the student organization leader are to:
    • Provide leadership and continuity for the organization
    • Keep in contact and meet with the Director of Admin. and Student Organizations
    • Ensure that the organization adheres to its mandate and budget.
  • If a club leader fails to fulfill these responsibilities either a new club leader will be found for the TUCSA Council sponsored student organization or the TUCSA Council will stop sponsoring the organization, at the discretion of the council.
Primary Contact:
Secondary Contact:
Student Organization Members:
Please ensure you have confirmed with all members that they have committed to being a part of the organization. All members will be emailed to confirm their commitment.
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