Student Organization Funding Request Form

This form is for Winter Semester requests only

All funding requests will be reviewed by the TUCSA Council Executives and presented to the TUCSA Council for approval.

All funding requests must be submitted by September 30 for the fall semester.  All applications after the 30th will not be considered for funding.  Money provided by the TUCSA council does not carry from academic year to academic year. 

Money that has been raised through fundraising initiatives, or ticket sales must be handed into Student Development.  The money will be held in an account for the organization in the business department.  This money, if not used, will be held from year to year as long as the organization is in existence.  Organizations that have $500+ in their organization's account may not receive funding from the TUCSA Council.

TUCSA Council Funding Process

The TUCSA Council offers funding to student organizations once they have been approved. The student organization can request up to $200/semester of funding from the TUCSA Council.  It is not a guarantee that the requested amount will be given.  The Director of Admin. & Student Organizations will contact the leader of the student organization once they are approved as an organization and confirm the funding amount.

Student Organization Information
Funding Request
Approved student organizations can request up to $200 / semester. It is not a guarantee that the amount requested will be approved. The Director of Admin. & Student Organizations will confirm the approved amount with the organization's leader.
Please Note: ALL on campus fundraising ideas must be approved by the Community Life Senior Manager.
Form Confirmation:
This section is for the person filling out the form. They need to be the Leader or secondary contact. By filling out this section they affirm that the information is correct and are the representative for the student organization.