Karen Rezk

MDiv (cand.)
Intern Therapist
 Phone number:416.226.6620 ext. 8453
Language: English, Arabic, French

About Karen Rezk

Karen has a diverse background, having worked as an advanced practice nurse specializing in pediatric and adolescent care, palliative care, and mental health. She loves to connect with people of varied backgrounds and to help them find meaning in their life’s journey with all its challenges and opportunities. She is compassionate and warm, and holds a posture of curiosity and non-judgment, while offering others the support they need to advance through life’s struggles. She has an interest in helping people with anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, grief, and self-esteem. She has experience helping children and teens who have suffered physical and sexual trauma, and helping persons of all ages deal with grief, difficult and life altering diagnoses, as well as eating disorders. Karen has an active and curious five-year-old daughter and together they enjoy travelling, building sandcastles, swimming, and kickboxing.