Remote Consultation

In light of the rapidly changing circumstances around COVID-19, Writing and Tutoring Services will be operating remotely for the remainder of the semester. Our usual Remote Consultation procedure is temporarily suspended. Instead, please visit WC Online for more information on how our services will operate or to book an appointment. Appointments may be booked starting March 17, 2020.

Due to Tyndale's increasing focus on online courses and degrees, Writing and Tutoring Services recognizes that not every student will be able to access our usual services. To help fill this need, we have developed Remote Consultation, a service which allows students to work electronically with a writing consultant. 

There are two options available for Remote Consultations:

  1. A one-on-one session via video call on WC Online
  2. Feedback via written comments on a paper submitted in advance

Who Qualifies for Remote Consultation?

Remote Consultation is offered on an "as needed" basis. These appointments will be given to students completing their degrees online or for whom travelling to the school is an exceptional challenge.

If you would like to request a Remote Consultation, please fill out our Remote Consulation Request Form. Once you have submitted your request, the Learning Specialist will assess your situation and determine whether you qualify for Remote Consultation. Please note that we will not look at papers that are sent in “for us to read over if we get the chance.”

If you wish to book an in-person one-on-one Writing Consultation, please book with WC Online.