Applied Practicum in Psychology

— PSYC 493 (3)

Provides students with the opportunity to gain practical counselling experience working within an applied setting. Students can earn 3 course credits per 9 hours a week of practicum work to a maximum of 6 credit hours toward their major and no more than 12 credit hours toward their degree. Limited to third and fourth-year students majoring in Psychology or Human Services who have received the permission of their faculty advisor. Contract. Practicum Placement Sections include: (01) Special Needs School Placement (02) Social Skills Camps (03) Research Assistant (04) Teaching Assistant (05) Intensive Behavioural Intervention (11) Advanced Special Needs School Placement (12) Advanced Social Skills Camps (13) Advanced Research Assistant (14) Advanced Teaching Assistant (15) Advanced Intensive Behavioural Intervention
Course Code: PSYC 493 | Credit Hours: 3 | Undergraduate Course

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