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Tyndale Leadership Centre will take the time to carefully listen to you and your organization and then co-create a leadership development program that meets your specific needs and expectations.

Our programs are designed to give you the ability to see systems, understand them, and to develop strategies to shape the system in ways that allow it to be more adaptive and resilient.

  • Leadership Development 
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Development
What Makes Tyndale Leadership Centre So Different?

We know that there is a leadership gap in the church today. Many people are seeing not only a lack of new and capable leaders in their church but also a gap between current reality and the church’s history of hierarchical leadership.

We also see an opportunity for real change. As the world swirling around church and parachurch organizations becomes more complex, less stable, and increasingly diverse, it demands new ways of thinking about leadership. Organizations like Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and World Vision Canada, in partnership with the Tyndale Leadership Centre, have embraced this change with great results.

Our approach is informed by current research, driven by a passion to be part of real change, and co-created with each client to ensure that our approach meets their needs and exceeds their expectations. Here's how our unique approach stands out:

  1. A Systems Approach. We believe that leadership is not so much about the individual leader as it as about changes in the whole system. Our programs are generally designed to give leaders the ability to see systems, understand them, and to develop strategies to shape the system in ways that allow it to be more adaptive and resilient.
  2. A Collaborative Approach. Whenever possible we look for the active involvement of the in-house people as well as senior management in the design of all elements of our approach. This ensures that there is a healthy balance between external and internal voices, so that the full system can benefit.
  3. Affective Learning Strategies. Our experience in working with a variety of hospitals, health authorities, and community service providers is that the combination of cohort-based learning, self-reflection, action learning projects and coaching leads to the most significant and sustained behaviour change. 
  4. Forward-thinking Assessments. Traditional assessments tend to benchmark against the past: what have high performance organizations done to be successful and how might you compare to those benchmarks? This does not prepare you for an uncertain, often turbulent future. We offer new ways of thinking, including asking: Do we have the organizational culture to support systems thinking? We can help you develop new lenses to see your organization.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Charlie Guy"The team at the Tyndale Leadership Centre have been wonderful partners in the development and delivery of our leadership development program. They encourage leaders to create possibilities and opportunities when faced with times of significant change."

Charlie Guy
VP People and Culture, World Vision Canada

Bruce Mann"The facilitator is able to adapt to the needs of the audience and customize the training as specific issues come up or new ideas are presented. Because it’s specific to our organization and everybody in the room is connected vocationally and organizationally, there’s a high level of conversation and awareness."

Bruce Mann
VP Camping Ministry, IVCF

Susie Colby"I like that I am in the program with others from our organization - both those with whom I work closely and alongside those who work in other departments where we are seeking to build partnership and trust."

Susie Colby
Associate VP Campus, IVCF

Chris Bosch“As soon as we got there, I was really impressed with the facilitator's leadership style.”

Chris Bosch
Director of Strategy, World Vision Canada

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