Open Learning

Open Learning

Tyndale Open Learning Centre makes it easy for you to experience quality learning while staying fully engaged in your daily life. Are you ready to take on your future?

Upcoming Events/Seminars:

Partnering with God in the Spiritual Formation of Children and Youth - March 5, 2016
Retreat in Daily Life: Refresh Your Soul - March 5, 2016
Children's Ministry: Creative Lab - March 31, 2016
Faith, Art and Healing - April 2, 2016

Bible Interpretation: How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth
Parenting with Mindfulness and Connection - April 6, 2016
Equipping the Church for Effective Ministry in an Urban Multicultural Context - April 9, 2016
Holistic Parenting: Raising Smart and Emotionally Balanced Children - April 20, 2016
Rhythms of Life - April 30, 2016








The world never stops changing. In the midst of these changes, learning needs to inspire growth for the Christian community to make a world impact. This growth must incorporate spiritual, personal and professional development. Tyndale Open Learning Centre tackles challenges the Christian community faces by delivering relevant learning opportunities and resources for you to be more effective in your environment.

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"The Online Encyclopedia of Canadian Christian Leaders (OECCL) provides access to the stories and legacy of people who have shaped Canada’s development through their leadership and commitment to Christian faith. The encyclopedia introduces leaders in business/philanthropy, education, government/politics, healthcare, entertainment/arts, church/ministry, and media."