"They understand the challenges of leadership and have been wonderful partners." Charlie Guy, World Vision Canada

Tyndale Leadership Centre

Our purpose is to reimagine leadership.

We live in a world where everything is changing faster than we can adjust. Tyndale Leadership Centre functions to help leaders thrive in our complex and constantly changing Canadian context. Our goal is to provide training in leadership development, continuing education for leaders and create a place to talk about leadership. We ... 

  • Offer low-cost innovative leadership training for all members of your organization or church
  • Provide opportunities to experiment with leadership ideas (laboratory/incubator);
  • Convene leadership think tanks
  • Orient leaders to the changing nature of leadership in our culture of discontinuous change
  • Explore the biblical understanding of leadership

We know that there is a leadership gap in the church today. Many people are seeing not only a lack of new and capable leaders in their church but also a gap between current reality and the church’s history of hierarchical leadership.

We also see an opportunity for real change. As the world is swirling around church and parachurch organizations becomes more complex, less stable, and increasingly diverse, it demands new ways of thinking about leadership. 

  • A Systems Approach. We believe that leadership is not so much about the individual leader as it as about changes in the whole system. Our programs and courses are generally designed to give leaders the ability to see systems, understand them, and to develop strategies to shape the system in ways that allow it to be more adaptive and resilient.
  • A Collaborative Approach. We believe in the active involvement of the in-house people as well as senior management in the design of all elements of change. This ensures that there is a healthy balance between external and internal voices, so that the full system can benefit.
  • Affective Learning Strategies. Our experience in working with a variety churches and community service providers is that the combination of cohort-based learning, self-reflection, action learning projects and coaching leads to the most significant and sustained behaviour change. 
  • Forward-thinking. How do you prepare for an uncertain, often turbulent future? We offer new ways of thinking, based in theological reflection and on the ground experience. How do you develop new lenses to see your organization?

Leading in Disorienting Times: Navigating Church and Organizational Change By Gary Nelson and Peter Dickens
Leading in Disorienting Times: Navigating Church & Organizational Change

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