Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services

Tyndale University is committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment where all students are able to participate and integrate into its strong community, which includes students with disabilities.
NOTE: Continuing our commitment to provide quality assistance to our students and support our course delivery this semester, the Centre for Academic Excellence will have virtual and in-person service options available. 


Student Information

Accessibility Services supports students based on the needs of their disability. We encourage students to familiarize themselves with the processes and procedures of the office and follow them accordingly. If you have any questions, contact the Accessibility Specialist by visiting the office, by booking an appointment, or refer to the contact information.

This section contains information regarding:

  • How to tell if you qualify for accessibility support.

  • The types of services and supports available.

  • Information to help you register for these supports.

  • Policy and Procedure forms necessary for the accommodation process.

Faculty Information 

Accessibility Services works to remove barriers and foster an equal learning environment for students with disabilities. In doing so, the Accessibility Office collaborates with faculty and staff across Tyndale to support students with disabilities.

This section provides information to faculty on the accommodation process and their rights and responsibilities while teaching students with disabilities. It highlights procedures to assist in the implementation of approved student accommodations.


Here you can access information regarding the philosophy and goals that guide Tyndale's Accessibility Services, the legal principles our services are based upon, important financial information that can assist the accommodation process, as well as resources that promote mental and spiritual health, and bring awareness to disability related issues.