Accommodation Process

The Accommodation Process - Accessibility Services

Learn about the accommodation process in relation to your duties as a faculty member.


New and current students are required to self-identify and register themselves with the Accessibility Office to access supports and services offered by the office. Learn about the accessibility student registration process.

Once students register with Accessibility Services, an accommodation plan (Letter of Accommodation) is developed. These are activated each semester by students deciding to receive accommodations for their courses. Students with existing plans (current students) are required to renew their plan at the start of each semester.

Letter of Accommodation

Faculty members teaching the student will receive an electronic letter of accommodation from the Accessibility Office. These letters will outline the supports and services the student will utilize to participate in their learning. This could consist of classroom, test and exam, assignment and other environmental accommodations. Each accommodation plan is created in collaboration with the student and includes appropriate and reasonable accommodations that will help them to achieve their academic goals while adhering to the institutional, program and course requirements. Learn more about types of accommodations

All accommodations are based on the student's provided medical documentation and approved by Accessibility Services to support the student in accessing their academic environment. Learn more about documentation requirements

Accessibility Services maintains confidentiality about the nature of the student's disability and thus, disability diagnosis or its related symptoms will not be included on the letter or shared with faculty or staff - students can choose to disclose this information personally, however, students are not required and nor should they be asked about their disability.