A multicultural group of 3 people in front of a row of colourful houses on a city street

Tyndale Intercultural Ministries (TIM) Centre

The face of Canada is changing.

According to Statistics Canada, by 2031 nearly 46% of Canadians aged 15 and over will be a first generation immigrant or will have at least one parent who is a first generation immigrant.

What does this mean for the Canadian church?

It means that Christians need to know how to embrace Christians of other cultures and how to interact with people of different faiths. 

Tyndale Intercultural Ministries (TIM) Centre is located at Tyndale University in Toronto, one of the world's most culturally diverse cities. We provide intercultural resources for networking, training and research using the city's diversity as a setting for practical application to course work and resource development.

Vision: The church from all nations bringing Christ to all nations.
Mission: To act as a catalyst to mobilize the intercultural Christian faith community towards a more intentional and effective engagement in local and global missions.

TIM Centre is Missions Central - your one-stop for missions around the corner and around the world. We offer the advantage of being connected with many immigrant and urban intercultural leaders, partnering with a vast network of local churches, denominations, mission organizations and para-church organizations to carry out its mandate. TIM Centre offers exposure to international mission leaders who offer academic and practical teaching related to missions. We also provide networking opportunities through forums and roundtable discussions on a variety of relevant topics, in addition to the popular TIM Centre Brown Bag Lunch events.

A highlight of key services we offer:

Certificate in Ministry and Organizational Leadership

Our newly launched Certificate in Ministry and Organizational Leadership, in partnership with Development Associates International and Tyndale Leadership Centre, provides equipping for Christian leaders serving immigrant and multi-ethnic churches and ministries with an educational experience resulting in excellence, effectiveness and integrity in life, relationships and leadership. Find out details about the certificate and register for our upcoming course.

Diploma of Foundations in Missional Ministry and Church Leadership

Offered since 2010, the Diploma of Foundations in Missional Ministry and Church Leadership seeks to provide accessible and affordable training to immigrant church leaders to be certified by denominations that partner with the TIM Centre. This training will benefit any leader desiring to be equipped for ministry in multicultural Toronto. Further details can be viewed on the diploma overview.

Intercultural Assessment and Training

We provide unique intercultural assessment to train and coach Christians engaged in local and global missions through the Intercultural Development Inventory®(IDI), a tool to help individuals and teams assess and reflect on where they are on their intercultural development journey. Find out how the IDI® assessment tool can be valuable for your intercultural journey or for your team.