Research & Resources - TIM Centre

Research & Resources - TIM Centre

Research Approach

We use a community based research approach. This is research with communities for the benefit of those same communities. It is relevant to and, at least in part, directed by those affected by the research.

We design research so that it encourages meaningful participation. It is also action oriented so that participants, not only come to a deeper understanding of the presenting issues, but are empowered and supported to act on what they have learned.

Research Focus

Where there is a gap in our understanding of intercultural ministry, TIM Centre conducts its own research. We emphasize research that meets the needs of underserved and underrepresented groups.

Our research is collaborative with the community being researched and aims to provide tangible outcomes for that community.

Our Researchers

Samantha Blackwood

Research Assistant

Andrea Chang

Assistant Intercultural Leadership Consultant

Mark Chapman

Lead Research Consultant

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