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Centre for
Redemptive Entrepreneurship

About CRE

We equip, support, and mentor emerging innovators motivated by their faith to shape culture through redemptive entrepreneurship.

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Our Programs

We are developing engagement filled programs and events for entrepreneurs, mentors, innovators, and funders. Our objective is to enrich the participants’ experience of a like-minded community where they can exercise accountability with a common vision of creating cultural and social impact through innovation.

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What is Redemptive Entrepreneurship?

Redemptive entrepreneurship is love in organizational action:

following the pattern of creative restoration through sacrifice, integrated across leadership, strategy, and operations in venture creation, innovation, and funding.

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CRE connects and empowers redemptive entrepreneurs in Canada with the ground-breaking digital platform — the7000 app.

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CRE Resources

A Rule of Life for Redemptive Entrepreneurs

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The Redemptive Nonprofit: A Playbook for Leaders

Book   Redemptive Entrepreneurship

CRE News

Redemptive Venture Builder Series

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Social Sandbox®

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CRE Events

Redemptive Business Sprint

Thursday, May 9, 2024 - 9:00am

With your successful business and list of achievements, have you ever wondered what more you can do? Is it possible to use it for the Kingdom of God?

Redemptive Business Lab

Sunday, October 27, 2024 - 5:00pm

Based on the Praxis Redemptive frame, this intensive cohort aims to equip early-stage founders to lead and build using redemptive principles and practices. Mentoring, peer community, and spiritual discipleship will be the three core pillars to their learning.

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Every gift helps The Centre for Redemptive Entrepreneurship to equip, support, and mentor innovators who are motivated by their faith to shape culture through entrepreneurship.

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All donations are to The Tyndale Foundation and will be designated to The Centre for Redemptive Entrepreneurship.

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Christian entrepreneurs, particularly younger generations, have great potential to shape culture through businesses aligned with the biblical principles of stewardship and restoration. With the CRE, we are beginning a movement to reclaim the public square across Canada, demonstrating our faith in all spheres of God's kingdom.

We equip, support, and mentor emerging innovators motivated by their faith to shape culture through redemptive entrepreneurship.