Tyndale Houses

Tyndale Houses

Tyndale Houses foster community and connection among our diverse demographic of undergraduate students who are working toward their BA or BRE (non-modular).

Eat, Pray, Play, Challenge

Led by a House Team of 10 House Leaders, Tyndale Houses encourage involvement, build comradery, and give students an opportunity to build relationships with others they wouldn’t otherwise connect with. Through the various House events and competitions, frosh students to final semester students and all students in between work together to earn House points.

Five Houses

A new student is sorted into one of the five Houses, which remains the student’s House through their years at Tyndale and as an alum. Each House is named after one of our past presidents who had a significant impact on Tyndale during their time in office. The Tyndale House Crest comprises of the symbol of the lamp and the word “serve” taken from Tyndale’s crest along with a unique symbol and a group of associated words.

Adrian House

Dr. Victor Adrian

Dr. Victor Adrian was president of Ontario Bible College/Ontario Theological Seminary (Tyndale) from 1973 to 1983. As President, he presided over two highly significant milestones in the school’s history: the establishment of Ontario Theological Seminary (now Tyndale Seminary) and the move to the campus at 25 Ballyconnor Court, Toronto, both in 1976.

The Cypress Tree

As people charged with stewarding God's creation, we can connect the act of planting trees with that of planting churches, just like President Victor Adrian who was heavily involved in planting churches. "Perseverance" is also one of the words associated with Adrian House. Cypress trees persevere through harsh conditions. As part of the evergreen family they are able to survive through harsh winters.

Equip, Persevere, and Serve

The words "Equip, Persevere, and Serve" were chosen to help encourage members in Adrian House to respect and love one another. When part of a community, people can rely on others to help them persevere through tough times and overcome their challenges. As members of Adrian House build community, they are equipped to follow God's call to be servants by displaying His love to others.

Boehmer House

Dr. Stewart Boehmer

Dr. Stewart Boehmer was president of The Toronto Bible College (Tyndale) from 1963 to 1974, bringing to his position a pastor’s heart, business acumen, and a wide reputation in Christian education. Under his leadership, the school experienced an unusual expansion in student registration and curriculum offerings which generated an ongoing growth in the school.

The Chalice

The chalice represents worship. One of the many ways we worship Christ is through the Eucharist. The Eucharist also symbolizes His sacrifice and reconciliation with humanity.

Reconcile, Serve, and Worship

The words "Reconcile, Serve, and Worship" were chosen because they exemplify how to live faithfully. Christ's work on the cross reconciles us to God and he calls us to bring reconciliation to the rest of the world (2 Corinthians 5:16-21). Jesus provides us with a powerful example of serving one another through washing the disciples' feet (13:12-20). Finally, worship, glorifying God, should be evident in every aspect of our lives (Mark 12:30).

Harris House

Dr. Elmore Harris

Dr. Elmore Harris was president of Toronto Bible Training School (Tyndale) from 1894 to 1911. He, along with a group of lay people from St. Paul’s Anglican, Knox Presbyterian, and Walmer Road Baptist founded Toronto Bible Training School (TBTS), in response to the need for a Christian institution in Toronto to educate people for service in lay ministries. Dr. Harris served as the first President of the school, which changed its name to Toronto Bible College (TBC) in 1912. Dr. Harris was considered “a remarkable soul-winner,” and had a strong reputation for his expository preaching. During the years from 1871 to 1895, he baptized an estimated 1,000 believers.

Unicorn Head

The unicorn head is a symbol that can be seen through church history; most commonly in stained glass windows. It symbolizes creativity and imagination, strength, and serving which connects with each of Harris House's words, inspire, strengthen, and serve.

Inspire, Serve, and Strengthen

The words "Inspire, Serve, and Strengthen" were chosen to challenge each member in the House. To motivate students to go beyond what they believe they are capable of; to create a House that is passionate and driven.

McRae House

Dr. William McRae

Dr. William McRae became president of Ontario Bible College and Ontario Theological Seminary in Toronto (Tyndale) in 1982. He was later appointed as its Chancellor and served in that capacity from 1992-1998. Dr. McRae provided exceptional leadership and outreach on behalf of the college and seminary alternately as both President and Chancellor.

Intertwined Olive Branches

The olive branch symbolizes peace and concord; their intertwining branches represent trust and unity. Peace builds trust, which is essential for a community of believers. The two branches intertwined together, also, signify service, as the body of Christ, we have been grafted in to the promises of God are called to serve each other in this peace and unity.

Trust, Serve, and Unite

The words "Trust, Serve, and Unite" were chosen because each member of McRae comes with their own experiences, unique personalities, and talents given to them by God. Trust and Unite are themes the help build a strong and healthy community. As the McRae House, growth in trust of God occurs while trusting others, serving God while serving others, and unity just as Christ followers are one in Christ.

Stiller House

Dr. Brian Stiller

Dr. Brian Stiller became President of Tyndale University in 1996 and led the school through major restructuring. During his tenure, Tyndale received university status from the Ontario Government, the current 56-acre campus was purchased, and a major capital drive lifted the school into a new era of growth. In 2009, Stiller retired from his presidency. After serving as Chancellor for a year, he was named president of the Tyndale Foundation, where he served for two years.

A Crown

In heraldry, a crown represents service to the king. Through encouragement and working towards a better future for the Tyndale community and the world beyond, members of Stiller will serve the King of Kings.

Encourage, Envision, and Serve

The words "Encourage, Envision, and Serve" were chosen to exemplify a faithful path with God. With courage, one can inspire others through encouragement. As followers of Christ, we are tasked to serve Him faithfully and to envision a future with hope.