Tyndale Centre for Grief and Loss

Tyndale Centre for
Grief and Loss

Our Commitment

To accompany those who mourn as well as to be a resource for the church, professionals and the general public.

Serve the Community

  • Accompany the broken-hearted
  • Assist mourners
  • Affirm and validate unique grief journey
  • Actively engage with their grief

Support Groups and Events

  • 8 Week On-site Grief Support Group from September 8, 2024 at 7 pm
  • Educational Seminars Every 3 Months
  • Annual Spring Conference
  • Annual Christmas Community Candlelight Memorial Service

Network and Train

  • Grief support group resources for churches
  • Facilitator training with support and resources
  • A variety of venues, educational workshops and seminars
  • A network with Tyndale's Open Learning Centres and the Thanatology Program

Embracing Grief with Hope

Learn from one of North America’s leading clinical thanatologists.

Join the Conference and Learn how to Embrace Grief with Hope


Keith Taylor

Dr. L. Keith Taylor

Director, Tyndale Centre for Grief and Loss

Formerly Keith was a Chaplain Palliative Care, Southlake Regional Health Centre. He also worked as a Trauma Clinician, Trauma Management Group, Ottawa and was a Trainer for the Toronto North Command Firefighters for Critical Stress Incidents. Previously he was also the Director, Genesis Bereavement Resource Centre in Newmarket.

Keith retired following over 30 years of pastoral ministry at the Newmarket Church of the Nazarene.  Keith teaches multiple thanatology courses at Tyndale Seminary focusing on disenfranchised grief and complicated grief. He is a Member of the Association for Death Education and Counselling. Keith is a grief educator and seminar speaker. Founder/Director: Handle with Care. Bereavement Counselling Services and author of, Well-Intentioned People Say Dumb Things: Practical advice for comforting those who are grieving.