Our Programs

Our Programs

Centre for Redemptive Entrepreneurship

Planning forward, we are developing engagement filled programs and events for entrepreneurs, mentors, innovators, and funders. Our objective is to enrich the participants’ experience of a like-minded community where they can exercise accountability with a common vision of creating cultural and social impact through innovation.

Members of the CRE community will gain in-depth understanding of redemptive entrepreneurship, experiment with innovative ideas, and develop ventures while leveraging support and mentorship, while forming a pivotal network with accomplished leaders.

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CRE Programs in Redemptive Entrepreneurship Movement

Inspire, Engage, Equip
Redemptive Innovation
Redemptive Mindset
Redemptive Entrepreneur
Build Community, Support Nationaly, Shape Culture

1 Innovation Driver:

Thought Leaders Gatherings

2 Mindset Onboarding:

  1. Redemptive Imagination Gatherings
  2. Redemptive Leadership Series
  3. Redemptive Reframe Cohort

3 Redemptive Entrepreneurship Platforms

  1. the7000™ Mobile App
  2. Redemptive Accelerator
  3. Redemptive Mentorship Program

Thought Leaders Gatherings

The CRE convenes thought leaders and interested guests for open dialogues with accomplished subject experts on social issues. These events aim to inspire and stimulate innovative ideas of bringing Christian influence on solving challenging issues. Like-hearted participants broadening each other’s views in these deep conversations could inspire faith builders to find innovative social solutions with a redemptive imagination.

Redemptive Imagination

The CRE onboards the Redemptive Entrepreneurship mindset through Redemptive Imagination Gatherings and Redemptive Leadership Series. Builders and innovators will learn what the redemptive frame is and imagine redemptive possibilities in their work as well as in their personal life.

Redemptive Community

CRE connects and empowers redemptive entrepreneurs in Canada with a first of its kind digital platform – the7000 app. Members can access exclusive content, attend members-only events, and connect with fellow entrepreneurs in Canada. This out-of-the-box community is a central hub for the CRE programs from ideation and mentorship to venture building. Our objective is to spur one another to be culture-shaping catalysts.


CRE’s Redemptive Master Group empowers entrepreneurial and executive leadership on their redemptive journey. This mentorship program includes personalised sessions in mentoring events and online cohort engagement to equip Christian venture builders to learn, discern, and design their way towards the next phase of their leadership through redemptive imagination, leadership coaching and spiritual direction.

Venture Building

For founders of an early-stage venture, the CRE Accelerator advances their venture-building skills with best practice principles and tactical counsel for business growth, including essential tools in devising business strategy, operations, and leadership. Additionally, through mentorship with the CRE Fellows, participants will sharpen their leadership skills to be more effective, resilient, and redemptive.

We equip, support, and mentor emerging innovators motivated by their faith to shape culture through redemptive entrepreneurship.