Meet Your Admissions Counsellor

Tyndale's Admissions Counsellors are here to answer any questions you have about our programs, the Tyndale community, residence and financial aid.

Find Your Undergraduate Admissions Counsellor | Find Your Seminary Admissions Counsellor

Kyle Best

Admissions Counsellor, Undergraduate

 Serves: Western Ontario, South York Region, and Western Canada

Cheyenne Dungey

Admissions Counsellor, Undergraduate

 Serves: Northern York Region, Peel Region, and Northern Ontario

Tim Kantel

Senior Admissions Counsellor

 Serves: Eastern Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada

Sarah Logan

Admissions Counsellor, Seminary & Graduate

 Serves: Toronto East, Northern York Region, Peel Region, Northern Ontario

Aimee Rosevear

Senior Manager, Seminary Admissions

 Serves: Southern York Region, Doctor of Ministry

Kieran Sweetman

Admissions Counsellor, Undergraduate

 Serves: Toronto & Niagara Region

Jessica Szeto

Admissions Counsellor, BEd and International Students

 Serves: all International students, Canadian citizens living abroad and all Bachelor of Education Students