What is Redemptive Entrepreneurship?

What is
Redemptive Entrepreneurship?

Redemptive entrepreneurship is love in organizational action:

following the pattern of creative restoration through sacrifice, integrated across leadership, strategy, and operations in venture creation, innovation, and funding.

The Redemptive Frame is designed by Praxis Labs

Redemptive Entrepreneurship is a Mission

Redemptive entrepreneurs live out the calling as light and salt by aligning our work with God’s heart
to bless others, to create restoration through sacrifice, and to renew culture.

We bring our mission to our work, and our work to our mission.

When Holy Spirit moves among us as we innovate with the mind of Christ, the impact would ignite new possibilities. And in each innovation journey we are creating a new culture.

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We equip, support, and mentor emerging innovators motivated by their faith to shape culture through redemptive entrepreneurship.