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This July marks the initiation of the CRE's spearheading Social Sandbox® with a cohort of young adults.

A first of its kind, Social Sandbox® is a 5-week innovative, collaborative, and action-packed initiative of social innovators and entrepreneurs. The first day was kick-started with an awe-inspiring LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® connection workshop, fostering a natural and engaging environment for participants to get to know each other. The energy in the room was infectious, and the immense potential of this group was obvious. We are particularly grateful to our mentors who generously volunteer their expertise and time. All participants had their rounds of mentorship sessions, gaining insight from mentors of diverse backgrounds; they also engaged in inspiring panel discussions and invigorating idea pitching.

The atmosphere was charged with innovation. These budding innovators have the drive to make a lasting impact in our society. One participant summed it up perfectly: "The ice breaker and 'speed dating' like mentorship method made me feel like I was part of an innovative and forward-thinking company." This kind of enthusiasm and fresh perspective fuels our belief in the transformative power of the Social Sandbox.

Social Sandbox

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Social Sandbox®

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