Networking - TIM Centre

Networking - TIM Centre


The TIM Centre's origins were driven by the need to create space – a need that continues to be present among leaders who come from different backgrounds and ethnicities.

Whether it be traditionally European Canadian churches or new Canadian Multi Vocational pastors – urban vs rural vs suburban – coming together requires intentional time and commitment. With our changing national demographic, the Christian climate also evolves in its colour and diversity and needs to be celebrated.

Networking for the TIM Centre involves joining with ethnically focussed ministerial and ministries, catalyzing introductions between uncommon allies, and advocating for absent voices in various conversations locally, nationally, and globally. Some of these are the motivation behind TIM Centre events, but very much so why we collaborate in many conferences and events. Inclusive ministry looks like the whole body of Christ being valued and never overlooked.

Beyond events, the TIM Centre has been instrumental in creating various resources that have collaboration at its heart. UReach Canada or the Mobile Prayer Application brings together mission, global diaspora, and ministry wholeness together in practical tools.

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